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Membership is open to individuals working in market research or related areas, either on a solo basis or in a micro-business that has no more than 3 employees.

To find out more, or if you want to speak to someone about your eligibility, contact Matt Kirby (Membership) or Lucie Wernicke (Manager).

Please note that by renewing/ joining the ICG you confirm that:

  • You are working in the field of market research or a closely related area;
  • You work alone, or in an organisation of no more than 3 full time equivalent staff, and agree that in keeping with the spirit of the ICG your organisation does not imply that it has more than 3 full-time employees;
  • You agree to be bound by the ICG Code of Practice. 

Please note that the ICG is able to rescind membership after payment is taken if it believes that the criteria above aren’t met. A full refund of monies will be returned if comes about within a month of membership.

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