Small Business Networking success

Monday 6th May 2019

The ICG's first small business networking event is a success...

A good mix of ICG-ers and other small business owners braved the rain and closed London roads to join together at the Wesley Hotel on Thurs (2nd May) eve to hear Jeremy Silverstone of Purple Marketing talk about how to marketing your small business – a 2020 vision.

Overall, Jeremy reminded us about the importance of branding;

‘Branding is increasingly a differentiator because how else are you going to stand out?' 

Wise words in today’s overcrowded, everyone-can-be-found market.

Some clear top tips emerged ranging from the font and colour palette you use, right through to your written tone of voice.

Jeremy also reminded us about the importance of focusing outwards at our clients and customers, using 'the 4Es' as benchmarks; 

  • Evidence
  • Engagement
  • Emotion
  • Ease

Google yourself as if you were a potential customer and look at how you’re presented with fresh eyes – are you really doing the best for your businesses?

With big thanks to our sponsors of the evening, Perspective Research Services and Hatchtank.