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Qualitative Fieldwork

With regional coverage and a network of partners for online and offline qualitative methodologies, we work diligently to fulfil your brief. We have a viewing facility in the heart of Dubai which is Focus Vision enabled. For recruitment expertise tailored to your needs every time, your trusted partner.

All projects are headed up by a native English speaker well-versed in Western business practices, who you will find easy to deal with, attentive and consultative, and of course there will be no communication problems. On every project, we team up with one of our local team members who are responsible for moderation. All of them have at least 10 years experience in Market Research, and many have experience Clientside and/or in Communications Agencies. Our offer is unique in this market - you will be very unlikely to find a partner where involvement from both Senior Western and Local Researchers is guaranteed In this hectic and relatively embryonic research market, many of our competitors promise a lot, but don’t always deliver it.