Considered Response

Qualitative Fieldwork

Why choose Considered Response for market research recruitment in Nottingham, Derby or parts of Leicester?

I offer a “Considered Response” to a wide range of clients and am well known in the qualitative market research industry as I have been recruiting people to attend group discussions (or focus groups) since 1984, initially with Marilyn Beaumont, but working solo since her retirement.

My clients value my:
• vast experience
• personal approach
• proactive style
• positive attitude
• solid reputation

Over the years I have worked with many clients and seen companies come, go, split, merge, de-merge and disappear. During that time recruitment has changed significantly. Everyone still wants those lively, sparky and assertive respondents who are cutting-edge consumers, but the ways of accessing them have had to change because of all the changes within society and technology.

Whether you need people for group discussions, one-to-one depth interviews,workshops, depths, paired depths, triads, internet based discussion groups or anything in between, I know how to find the respondents you need. I can also recommend venues including in my own home, the Nottingham viewing studio Talkback (both for viewed and non-viewed projects), local hotels and meeting rooms. I can also provide hosting if required.

Always aiming for excellence in focus group recruitment. When you work with Considered Response that’s exactly what you get, a considered and thoughtful approach to qualitative research and recruitment in Nottingham, Derby and parts of Leicester. I aim to achieve excellent results by recruiting motivated and enthusiastic respondents from all walks of life to meet your market research needs. My location gives me access to a vibrant and diverse community in the East Midlands – one of the most desirable places to live and to do business.

I also feel it important to keep up to date and in touch with the world of research and business and to that end I am currently doing courses on Digital Growth in business and serve on both the MRS working party on Recruiter Accreditation and the ICG Committee. I am currently working with the MRS on soothing the anxieties of recruiters faced with GDPR

What some of my clients have to say:

All 8 showed up. They were a great group and exactly the range of diverse schools we needed - we had a really good discussion.
Jill Elston, Insightful Marketing

Respondents were fabulous. Really enjoyed listening in!
Simone Munir, Brand Potential

Cracking groups last night, Lynne! They really were a lovely bunch and all excellently on spec too. Thanks!!
Oskar Marcus, Intergalactic Consulting Ltd.

We were very pleased with the recruitment last night. Thanks!
Howard Thrift & Linda Jones, Linda Jones & Partners

From the client Tom: “Just back from Nottingham. All four interviews were really great! Each of them very different which was brilliant – it went like clockwork, all had done the homework too.” Thanks Lynne.
Sue Edwards, Die Brucke Research

Thank you for an excellent recruit. From the client: “Just a quick note to thank you and the Nottingham team – Steve has been an incredible participant. Please thank them so much for their work, I know it’s not an easy job and really appreciate their support!”
Stuart Bolitho, Propeller Research

Excellent feedback on Comms Lynne - WELL DONE AND THANK YOU. From the client:“I just wanted to say they were all really great recruits last night, all on spec and very engaged for the three hours”
Gemma Ryder, Acumen Fieldwork

Just wanted to say thank you so much for helping organise and run our focus group on Monday. I know it wasn’t the smoothest session in the world to recruit, but we got some really great stuff and we couldn’t have done it without you.
Merlin Duff, venturethree

The client had really good feedback about the group, he loved the participants and venue.
Kelsey Owen, Acumen Fieldwork

I wanted to sincerely thank you for all the kindness and patience on jobs and general awesomeness on getting things done!
Hannah Key, Linney