Made in Studios

Qualitative Fieldwork

For 14 years, Made in Surveys has been serving the market research industry as a specialist in the recruitment of respondents for qualitative studies.

Thanks to our highly-qualified access panel with more than 160,000 respondents, we can recruit participants located throughout the UK in cities including London, Birmingham, Oxford, Manchester and many others.

Based on your recruitment brief, we conduct a first stage of online recruitment through our access panels. We then contact the panellists by telephone to target the profiles you are looking for. You can intervene in this process at any point and you get updated on our progress daily.

The respondents are checked and re-checked to ensure that they truly match the profile you are looking for, before being asked to provide an email, phone and finally text confirmation to ensure the highest turnout.

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Venues and Filming

Situated at the heart of the UK's bustling Second City, the newly opened Made in Studios in Birmingham has three stunning, fully equipped studios for your qualitative project needs - all within a 4-minute walk from Birmingham New Street Station!

Made in Studios has been designed with care to provide the perfect qualitative research experience for all. Within our modern viewing facilities, we have:

- Two spacious, comfortable studios bathed in natural light that accommodate up to 12 participants.
- These rooms are accompanied by two client lounges separated by one-way mirror to host 12 and 6 clients respectively
- A third more intimate and relaxed non-viewed studio for smaller groups and IDIs

Each studio is equipped to provide high quality mp3 and mp4 recordings, all made accessible at the end of each booking, in addition to optional TV, laptop and projector hire when needed.

For those who cannot attend in person, we can provide our fast and efficient in-house streaming service, as well as Focus Vision to put you right at the heart of the action, wherever you may be watching from.

With a beautifully designed space, friendly and attentive staff and located in the vibrant centre of the ever-developing Birmingham, Made in Studios is the ideal partner for your next project.

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