Protel Fieldwork

Quantitative Fieldwork

Protel is an MRS Partner Company and ISO 20252 certified.

We offer a full range of Quantitative Fieldwork services including:

CATI - Protel has a dedicated Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) facility based at our offices in Coventry. This methodology can be used across all industry sectors and is particularly useful for research where a rapid and far reaching response is required. Our telephone unit utilises sophisticated software to enable our highly trained interviewers to conduct research through structured questionnaires. Data is available in real time, for clients that need fast results. All calls are quality managed by our CATI supervisory team, to ensure that we perform to the highest standards, whilst reaching the requested sample size and quota targets.

AT VENUE - At Venue Research enables the reaction of potential customers to a product or service to be assessed within a controlled environment. This typically takes place at an exhibition, concert, or organised venue. Protel manages this process by recruiting individuals that meet the target profile, before then conducting the research required. At Venue research utilises methodologies such as Hall Tests, CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing) and Mystery Shopping.

FACE-TO-FACE: Face to Face interviewing is the most frequent method currently used for quantitative research, as it can be used to conduct research in multiple locations including; on-street, in-store, in the respondent’s workplace or home, and for exit interviews.
Face to Face interviewing enables the interviewer to build a strong rapport with the respondent. This in turn leads to high quality responses and a higher interview completion rate.
‘Stimulus content’ can be used during the interview, such as photographs, pictures, packaging, adverts and brand and product attributes to support interview feedback.

With an expansive network of interviewers across the whole of the UK, Protel prides itself on finding even the most ‘difficult to reach’ of respondents.

Qualitative Fieldwork

Protel is an MRS Partner Company and ISO 20252 certified.

Qualitative research is particularly valuable when a deeper understanding of customer perceptions, attitudes and motivations is needed. It also focuses more of the question of ‘why’ a particular opportunity or trend is developing. This knowledge enables organisations to make robust business decisions on the future development of existing and potential new markets and products.

There are a number of methods that can be used to gain a deeper market understanding and typically involve one to one interviews and/or facilitation of group discussions, where participants frequently hold different views.
Protel offers the following Qual services:

- Focus Groups (recruitment, hostessing, moderation)
- Group discussions
- In-depth Interviews
- Workshops
- Paired, Triad and Family interviews