ICG Supplier Directory - Qualitative Fieldwork

Considered Response

Focus4people Ltd

Holborn Focus

Why are you fab?
Professional staff that are dedicated to high standards of service delivery to meet the needs of cli

It's a perfect service because?
We offer competitive rates to independent consultants with our helpful team to ensure that all of yo

Made in Studios

Why are you fab?
Extraordinary service, Location, Birmingham City Centre, Space, Design, High Quality

It's a perfect service because?
We anticipate your needs and always go the extra mile.

Research Opinions

Epinion Research

Focus Groups Middle East North Africa

Kudos Research

Why are you fab?
Kudos Research are expert at reaching hard to access audiences

It's a perfect service because?
We offer a high quality, collaborative service with pro-active project support

Field & Fab

Why are you fab?
Our 800+ UK face-to-face interviewers and 75 seat CATI centre

It's a perfect service because?
We have years of experience delivering fast, flexible fieldwork solutions.

Feedback Market Research


Podengo Ltd

Saros Research Ltd

Why are you fab?
Independent database-driven recruitment combined with intelligent project management

It's a perfect service because?
We are a small flexible and professional team dedicated to excellence

Zen Research

dallas fieldwork ltd

Why are you fab?
A bespoke quality service based on 25+ years in the business

It's a perfect service because?
Hands on expertise at every stage on projects across Ireland


Pook Fieldwork

BEAM Fieldwork

Why are you fab?
Honest, pragmatic approach ensuring smooth running of projects

It's a perfect service because?
We're independent, giving flexibility to offer bespoke fieldwork solutions