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Twenty six years of experience with brands, on the consulting front for domestic or international blue chip clients' CMOs and CROs, in the following fields:
- Comms in general (B2C, advertising, pack and graphic design, visual identity, CRM, but also B2B)
- Brand strategy (internal and external brand culture audits, brand platform definition, product or brand portfolio management)
- Consumer segmentation and target profiling
- Insights (market insights, advertising insights, consumer and shopper insights)
- NPD (from identifying market gaps, via finding growth triggers, through to inventing and implementing solutions)
- Evaluation and optimisation of consumer or shopper propositions (at concept stage or further)

thanks to a robust mastery of:
- qualitative research (the whole array of methods: ethnography, F2F, group discussions, etc)
- cultural analysis (categories or brands)
- semiotics

at local as well as international levels.


Consumer research. Brand Culture Analysis. Semiotic research. Brand Strategy consulting work. Design and implementation of domestic as well as international qualitative research programmes (either as a coordinator or a coordinated agent). NPD programmes. Semiotic audits. Exploratory research projects. Segmentation research.
Fields:  fmcg (food, drinks, HH products), services (digital technologies, finance, insurance), Health & beauty care