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Dig Fieldcraft Ltd

Full Service Recruitment for Qual Research


I offer full service recruitment for all qualitative and user experience research techniques.

I am experienced at targeting consumer and B2B respondents from all around the UK suitable for both traditional face-to-face research techniques and the very latest research methodologies.  My clients are especially forward thinking when it comes to mobile and online research approaches and I am adept at targeting pro-active respondents for smooth running mobile ethnography studies and online communities.

I have a broad client-base and fully understand how to tailor recruitment for the needs of insight teams, UX Designers, creative agencies and advertising planners.

I pride myself on having an enthusiastic, can-do attitude. It is important to be realistic on occasion however and I use my 10+ years field experience to give the feasibility and practicalities of each project due thought and attention. This ensures I can advise on where any problems may occur and don’t start a project without knowing I can deliver.


I have over 10 years experience working in qualitative fieldwork and was previously an Associate Director at Criteria Fieldwork.

Experience and good judgement in field counts. I know the do’s and don’t when recruiting almost any audience you can think of, for all research methodologies and in any area of the country. I don’t specialise, but areas of expertise include sourcing enthusiastic FMCG consumers, B2B professionals, respondents from niche social backgrounds, leading edge thought leaders and medical professionals.

As a senior manager at a large fieldwork agency I helped develop the industry’s most advanced solutions to fieldwork management issues.  Core areas of expertise include advanced technological (offline and online) solutions to drive productivity, organisation and quality in project management, the latest techniques for robust recruitment quality control and how to take advantage of emerging recruitment techniques.

I am a longstanding member of the AQR and MRS and presented a paper at the last AQR Conference. I have been involved in the consultation stages for the proposed Recruiter Accreditation Scheme and am lucky enough to have a broad outlook on the industry from attending research conferences for over a decade.