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Dandelion Insights Ltd



Category Exploration // 

discover what the future of your category looks like

Experience Mapping // 

identify key touchpoints and MoT across the consumer journey

Conceptual Exploration // 

define key perceptual qualities, sensory cues and semiotic clues 

3D Packaging Exploration // 

identify technical drivers, sensory cues and emotional equities 

3D Product Exploration // 

identify key physical parameters, sensory cues  and usability metrics 

Data Reviews // 

identify key messages, srategies, pipelines and create compelling stories 


Front-end innovation research for brands, products, packaging, devices and appliances uniquely blending insights with design thinking.

Particular expertise in translating insight into opportunity and guidelines:

- capturing and defining conceptual/perceptual constructs to help identify category and brand growth opportunities  

- building experience landscapes to guide and streamline the design process 

- capturing and translating emotional, functional ans sensory needs into technical guidelines to help frame the development process





Product designer by training and insights specialist by trade.

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