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Telltale Research

A consultancy specialising in immersive ethnographic research, cultural insights & brand strategy.


Qualitative Research & Strategic Consulting

  • Ethnography (digital + face to face)
  • Focus group moderation and interviews (digital + face to face)
  • Trend research (desk + opinion leader interviews)
  • Ethnographic films & editing
  • Surveys
  • Strategic brand consulting


Human Insight

Our holistic approach to research taps into underlying human nature and sets findings in perspective of wider socio-cultural and economic trends.

Strategic Consulting

We collaborate closely with our clients to ensure that our insights enable them to move forward strategically and with confidence.

Visual storytelling

We combine the written, the  spoken and the visual to create impactful deliverables that emotionally connect with stakeholders.


Alexandra is a Qualitative Research & Brand Strategy Consultant with a BA in Social Anthropology

  • Founder of Telltale Research, a human insight & strategy consultancy (www.telltaleresearch.com)
  • Founder of Telltale Stories, an online video series about ethical business (https://bit.ly/37eHyuc)
  • 10 years of industry experience in research and strategy consulting, incl. multinational project management
  • Experience carrying out research for leading global brands across a diverse range of sectors and industries
  • Specialised in qualitative research incl. filmed ethnography, moderating on- and offline research and running innovation workshops
  • Fluent in English, Danish, Spanish and advanced French
  • Creative thinker and sharp analytic who can translate insights into strategy that changes behaviour



  • BA in Social Anthropology with Spanish (Roehampton)
  • Foundation in Art & design (Copenhagen Technical School)
  • Diploma in Presenting (MRS)
  • Diploma in focus group moderation (MRS)
  • Diploma in Documentary Filmmaking (Raindance)
  • Diploma in Psychology (University Toronto)
  • Diploma in Brand Management (London Business School)