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Qual and Quant to understand the 'problem space'


We undertake global qualitative research and analysis, discovering what your customers need, in order to generate a rich empathy for your customers and a deep market understanding. These insights ensure that your team is focussed on solving the right problems, before attempting to build a solution.

The evidence that we gather is used as validation for strategic innovation plans and to secure the investment required to proceed to delivery.

Our services include:

Bespoke Research

Syndicated Research Reports

Team Training

I've worked across a range of sectors, including Education/EdTech, Media, Telecoms, Outdoors, Retail, Play and Coffee (!).


My particular focus is Generative Discovery Research - uncovering customers' problems and identifying opportunities for growth. I'm experienced in research study design; undertaking global fieldwork / customer interviews; analysis and insight generation; and engaging teams and stakeholders to influence future plans.


Formerly a Head of Product, Commercial Director and Innovation Lead, I've run P&Ls and have developed and launched innovation and growth initiatives across numerous sectors and for a range of brands. This experience has provided me with a broad commercial and customer understanding and huge clarity of how critical insights are to underpin business success.

During the past 18+ years, I've managed countless research and insight projects, putting that customer evidence at the heart of strategic plans, securing £250m+ of investment and business cases, whilst winning the hearts and minds of stakeholders to proceed with bold new initiatives.

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