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VK Research

Qualitative practitioner specialising in financial, fintech, utilities, b2b, consumer services.


With over 21 years working for leading research agencies I have extensive experience helping clients answer their critical business questions. Using qualitative moderation to elicit answers combined with thoughtful and thorough analysis, some examples of real business questions I have recently answered include:

  • What brand identity routes resonate best within a market that will allow the client to credibly differentiate from competitors? What does the brand need to deliver to fulfil the promise?
  • Why are customers not responding to the offer of a new product? Which aspects are failing to resonate – price, product design or the communication?
  • How can the client break into new territory and expand their product range? What product stretch is credible for the brand?
  • How do HNW consumers select brands and why is the client not a first choice provider, what can they do to change this?
  • Why do consumers not switch services to get a better deal – what emotional and practical barriers are preventing this?
  • Consumer reactions to ad campaigns, which aspects resonate and which fail to do so, what can the client learn from this?
  • Exploration of the world of SMEs, how they network, who they turn to for advice, how they plan and manage their financial forecasts etc.

I am able to provide full service qualitative project management and delivery as well as any individual aspects of research as required, whether that be just fieldwork or any elements of set up or delivery and analysis.


My 20+ years qualitative experience covers a broad spectrum of approaches, respondent types and sectors:

Qualitative methodologies and approaches:

  • Online and off line methodologies
  • Focus groups / Mini groups
  • Face to face depth interviews; Paired depths
  • Telephone interviews
  • Online interviews
  • Online forums / Communities / Pre tasks
  • Taste tests
  • Product tests


  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Fintech
  • Business Services
  • Sensitive topics such as debt / health / mental health

Respondent Types

  • Consumers
  • Businesses, SMEs through to Corporates
  • HNW individuals
  • Vulnerable individuals
  • Families



Working in large agencies for over 20 years I gained extensive training and experience in a wide range of sectors and project types.  I know how essential it is to ensure results are delivered that impact change within the business where it is needed. To this end I have masses of experience in ensuring I fully understand the business objectives and work with clients to  ensure they are met.  I became an independent to offer my experience to clients in a dedicated, flexible manner providing tailored and professional advice and services.  I work both with agencies as a support and directly with end clients. I understand the demands and pressures of delivering insights within the allotted time and budget. I have vast moderation experience,  trained analysis skills and am able to present findings in a clear and engaging manner.