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British-trained, US-resident qualitative pro


Specialties: Qualitative research:
* Brand Strategy and Positioning
* Brand Equity
* Strategic and Creative Ad Development
* Customer and Market Segmentation
* New Product Development
* Ethnography
* Packaging Design

* New Product Development
* Communication/Media Strategy
* Partnerships and Promotions
* Collaborative Consumer Workshops

Training in all aspects of the above.


At Headspace, I help brand owners and their agencies solve marketing problems using first class qualitative research.

In addition to serving US-based clients, I often partner with agencies based in the UK and Europe to conduct qualitative research in the United States and Canada.

I bring more than twenty years of experience to my work. My career began in the UK, where I trained with some of the best researchers in the business and worked on many influential brands and campaigns: The BBC, Coca-Cola, The National Lottery, Nike, Virgin and Time Out.

I founded my company, Headspace, in New York in 2001. Clients appreciate my capacity to wring original insights from research and translate those findings for brand teams without losing sight of business goals.

I'm often called upon to design and run client workshops independent of or alongside qualitative assignments. I bring to these workshops the creativity, analytical rigor and knack for spotting opportunities that characterize my work as a researcher.

I'm proudest of my enduring client relationships, some of which have lasted more than a decade so far. Headspace clients include British Airways, BP, Domino's Pizza, The Economist Group, Emergn, Glanbia, Harley-Davidson, Heineken, Johnnie Walker, JP Morgan Chase, L'Oréal, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Nando's, Nestlé, Tanqueray, Thomson Reuters, TuneIn, Vanguard, Vita Coco and White Castle.




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