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Director, Teneo Translations UK Ltd


We supply effective translation and interpreting services; in every commercial language, from Albanian to Zulu.


Small but perfectly formed, we work with market research companies, large and small, to provide them with the very best in translation, interpretation and transcription. We can cover every commercial language.

Whether you are looking for pre-field survey translation or a simultaneous interpreter for in-depth interviews, we can help. This means that you can present your analysis with confidence knowing that you are giving your client a fully nuanced report. Effective translation isn’t just about swapping one word for another, it’s much more than that. Understanding the subtle shades of meaning can be the difference between a perceptive survey that adds value and an also-ran.

We only use very experienced native speakers who can not only translate but truly localize your surveys so that you are able to develop real insight for your clients.

All of our work is quality checked by a second native speaker and our quality manager before it is released as a finished project.


Having worked for other translation agencies, I started Teneo Translations because I thought there were areas for improvement.

When not working, I enjoy playing golf and pointing out to rugby referees where they're going wrong.


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