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Blossom Partners

Brand & Comms research specialist - help brands build strong equity through effective advertising


  • Analyzing and writing story-telling reports based on research data;
  • Provide training and coaching on Brand & Communications research for small and medium sized market research agencies;


Brand & Communications Research

  • Advertising optimization through Pre-test and post-test (Qualitative and/or Quantitative)
  • Advertising campaign evaluation
  • Brand Equity
  • Brand image and brand positioning

Research in Higher Education sector for student recruitment and acquisition, marketing campaign optimization and reputation building



A MR freelancer with over 15 years experience in China, UK and France. My specialty is  in Brand & Comms research: my immersion in brands and advertising research world started with Kantar MillwardBrown in Shanghai, then further developed with Ipsos Connect in London with an international take-on. Now I am based in France and working with clients across Europe.

I love telling stories behind the data and finding out what consumers think about brands and their communications.

Fluent in Chinese, English and French, an ideal cross-cultural communicator with a good sense of humor

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