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Chattering Monkey

The Coding Tool processes Audio, Video, Qualitative and Quantitative data in minutes.


Online Coding SaaS platform and in-house coding Agency.


Chattering Monkey offers a coding platform born in the Cloud for Market Researchers powered by AI and machine learning. It speeds up the coding process by a factor of 10 ā€“ 100 times and can generate a first-pass code frame in less than a minute freeing up time to dedicate to deeper analysis and preparation of presentations.

The user can easily upload multiple data formats (including text, audio, video, etc.) to our platform located in the Cloud where it is transcribed and translated before being cleaned and standardised and a first-pass code frame generated automatically. The code frame can then be easily manipulated using intuitive drag ā€˜nā€™ drop and one-click actions within the web interface, with the tool continuously learning from your actions.

The tool provides both traditional qualitative output such as statistics along with word clouds and sentiment analysis generated through natural language processing, text analysis and computational linguistics for immediate focus and evaluation. If preferred, all data can be exported for use in your preferred analysis tool(s).

The platform has been designed to have a 20-minute learning curve, with little to no IT skills required and is available in English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.