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Partner, Untapped Innovation


Untapped is an Innovation agency that works with clients, unearthing deep insight to develop winning products and ideas that make a difference. We do this by blending science understanding with deep human insight and future foresight.


Untapped offer a range of services across the Innovation Journey.

Often our clients find our Asset Mining product is a great place to start, maximising the RoI of their existing insight and science assets from previous research as well as their products and inventions. New connections are made to develop ideas and ensure any future research builds off, rather than repeats, past learning.

Our ethnographic qualitative techniques online or in-person unearth deep insight into actual behaviours and future functional and emotional needs. We combine this with social data analytics and cultural trend forecasting to provide robust future inspiration for innovation. Our product builder tools identify critical JTBD and allows us to prototype and test. Agile quant screening of insight, concepts and product ideas results in iterative co-creation of winning ideas.

Untapped uses a Story methodology to develop ideas and products, by placing the human user at the centre of the story as a hero, with the product technology or “how” as the mentor.

We also believe strongly in growing innovation capability and have developed “Innovation Gym” based on principles of neuro-science and learning. We offer a range of 2 hour high energy hands on sessions across a range of topics.


I am one of three founding partners at Untapped. Alongside Suzanne Allers and Deirdre Walters, we are all scientists by background. We each spent over 15 years at Procter & Gamble designing products in R&D as well as gaining experience in psychology, market research and marketing. We believe that the ability to speak the different languages of science and business are what gives us our point of difference.

We started Untapped Innovation 10 years ago and work with over 60 freelance associates that offer complementary global expertise, depending on the need of each project. We work with experts from qual and quant practitioners to semioticians, technology teams, product design coaches and university students.

We enjoy working with clients from large FMCGs to smaller start-ups and charities. Untapped has its own charity arm, STEM Untapped, supporting a cause close to our hearts. Research shows that many GCSE aged girls do not go on to select a science subject, especially in under-represented sociodemographic and ethnic groups. As a result, we run a podcast series where girls interview a female STEM role model they select from the diverse range in our brochure. We are always on the lookout for role models and sponsorship.