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Qualitative Research Specialist


I am a well-respected qualitative research specialist, previously Co-Owner and Director at Crucible Research, with a wealth of experience and a proven record in delivering illuminating and actionable insight for blue-chip clients in the UK and internationally via:

  • Creating sensitive, probing, empathetic, intelligent and engaging conversations with consumers, customers and decision makers of all types to  identify the influences on their attitudes, choices and behaviour
  • Using a wide range of individual, group, face-to face and remote approaches and techniques
  • Producing clear, concise and relevant presentations of key findings and implications that cut through all the ‘data’
  • Helping to shape successful tactics and strategies for better customer relationships and business growth

I collaborate with other researchers, field agencies and studios, as well as client companies, managing all aspects of a project or supporting on specific parts of a package, such as moderating (which I particularly enjoy) and reporting.


Market sectors:

  • Beauty, Personal and Health Care
  • Food and Drink
  • Retail, Restaurants and Leisure
  • Home & Garden
  • Clothing, Fashion & Luxury Goods
  • Technology and Automotive
  • Charity, NFP and Education


  • Customer Segmentation and Consumer Journeys including Usage & Attitude studies
  • Brand Strategy, Positioning and Portfolio expansion
  • Innovation Concept, New Product and Packaging Development
  • Advertising, Promotions, Communications and Engagement Campaigns
  • Retail and Shopping in store, online
  • Connecting with Professionals and Experts
  • Internal Personnel Engagement and Training

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