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lemonlime research ltd

Qualitative Research specialising food drink retail consumer


lemonlime is a unique market research agency specialising in customer and retail research, marketing, strategy and planning. At lemonlime, we understand the need to add value to your business through insightful, actionable research methods. Understanding your customers is our key focus.


lemonlime research ltd works mainly in consumer and retail markets.  However over the years we have worked in  fmcg, health & beauty, tourism, charity, food ... too many to mention.

Specialise in working with ad agencies, design studios, packaging designers and pr companies ... building relationships and all working towards the benefit of the brand & our clients.

Sue onsiderable experience in marketing, advertising, promotion, academia and market research in New Zealand ... if you need any help with information, or research or even which places to visit while on holiday give me a call!


Sue Hudson has been involved in marketing, advertising, design and market research for a number of years.  She lived in New Zealand for over twenty years where she worked as a Senior Lecturer in marketing at AUT University, Auckland.

Sue has a passion for research, changing key customer insights into strategy.  She has worked in retail, tourism, fmcg products, food, health & beauty to name but a few!  In terms of consumer research she has a real interest in the over 50's market and has conducted considerable research in this segment.

Over the years her two favourite projects .... research with all ages of women in both Australia & New Zealand before the launch of the Elle Macpherson range of underwear!     And a UK  research study with elderly in terms of housing and care ... presented to a committee in the House of Commons!