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YQA Terms and Conditions

  1. The ICG takes no responsibility for any ensuing business relationship that results from using the YQA service.
  2. The ICG reserves the right to refuse posting a question to members if it deems the question to be inappropriate.


Harness the power of the ICG community - 400 experienced research minds solving your problem.

Your Questions Answered is a unique & free service from The ICG, developed to enable research buyers to capitalise on the collective expertise of our members - all experienced market research professionals.

Use YQA to ask your question about market research topics.

How clients benefit
A knotty research problem, or a 'state of the nation' query? Our 400 members have an unparalleled depth and breadth of experience which can help solve issues, suggest viable alternatives or provide commentary on broader industry issues.

Who is if for? Any research buyer facing specific research challenges or with more general queries.

How it works: Research buyers submit their questions using the YQA portal. the question is circulated (anonymously) to the whole ICG membership base. Any ICG member with relevant experience, or who is able to contribute, responds via the portal. All responses are collated, and a single email addressing the issue is sent to the buyer.

To give you a flavour of the sort of questions asked, recent examples include;

  • How can I mine data on social media more effectively?
  • How effective is surveying business customers via SMS?
  • Does anyone have any experience in researching the shopper journey?
  • How do I discover if e marketing has destroyed 100 years of marketing and 50 years of targeting??? Are consumers getting so over emailed it no longer has impact? Does this lead to disengaged consumers?

Please note

Please note: The ICG guarantees that the questioner remains anonymous to our members, but will attach members’ contact details to their replies to the questioner. Also, The ICG takes no responsibility for the number of replies nor their content. We will send the replies to the questioner unfiltered and unedited.

If you have a more detailed research brief you would like to be considered please email that directly to and we'll ensure that it gets to the right members for a more formal response.