Qualzy – The Mobile Community Platform

Categories: Mobile Research

Are you looking for a powerful insight platform that can be used across any device? The Qualzy platform is a complete set of online qualitative research tools that have been built for mobile devices. With Qualzy you can do:

  • Video
  • Diaries
  • Heat Mapping
  • Pinning Tasks
  • Virtual Mood Boards
  • Card Sorts
  • Surveys
    and much much more

Users of Qualzy will find a visually stimulating and easy to use interface that offers all the capabilities they expect. In addition, comments appear just as they would on social media platforms with no extra effort from participants themselves!

"I have just finished a project with Qualzy.  I've been blown away by the features, service and dare I say it, pricing.  It feels like you get a clearer holistic view of who is saying what and where within the platform, compared to other platforms.  You can easily filter comments by specific criteria against which they've been recruited.  So you can spot segment differences quickly.  You can download and track concept scores more easily.  And the team is very helpful and ready to go the extra mile.  Added to the fact it's less expensive than other platforms with less features, all in all it's very impressive. " Tom Woodnutt, ICG member

We're so sure that you'll love Qualzy that we'd love to give all ICG Members their first project setup for free (£400 value). This means that all you'll have to pay are the platform costs.

To give you an idea of what a typical project could cost you: 

7 Day project including up-to 200 Participants = £769. For further information on pricing

Business summary

A comprehensive mobile tool for researchers that promotes high levels of participant engagement and leads to deep insights quickly and easily.

Why should our members use you?

Getting to work with ICG members is a pleasure and we will do everything in our power to make your research project a success.