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A nation deeply divided - Brexit March 2017


Business Knowledge
Monday 13th March 2017

An update on the public's views and sentiments towards Brexit

Hints and Tips - Cyber Security

Hints and tips

Business Knowledge
Wednesday 4th January 2017

The threat of cyber attacks is increasing and data security is becoming a real concern - this free course will help you understand more...

The small business guide to ...

small business guide

Business Knowledge
Thursday 8th December 2016

A series of 'Start Up 101' e-books covering a variety of topics for small businesses' lives easier. Find out what topics have been covered so far...

Brexit means Brexit - or does it?

John Gilbert

Business Knowledge
Wednesday 9th November 2016

John Gilbert asked the public whether they agreed that Brexit means Brexit.

Brexit - In hindsight, who was right?

Dave Skelsey

Business Knowledge
Friday 4th November 2016

Dave Skelsey of Strictly Financial took a look back at the histrionics of both sides of the Brexit debate.

New Insurance Act 2016

work opps

Business Knowledge
Monday 5th September 2016

This addresses the power imbalance between insurers and policy holders and gives commercial policyholders more protection.

Top ten tech tools to save time

Tech tools

Business Knowledge
Monday 25th July 2016

Essential tools to help you be more efficient and secure - just try one ...

Automatic Enrolment and how it affects small businesses

perfect match-492887620

Business Knowledge
Friday 3rd June 2016

The law on workplace pensions has changed - to find out how it may affect your business, and access some useful resources read more

Having a better conversation


Business Knowledge
Monday 7th March 2016

How can you have better conversations - essential watching for all market researchers and useful in life too!

Startup hiccups - things you wish you had known when you first set up your business


Business Knowledge
Monday 29th February 2016

What planned and unplanned financial issues should small businesses be aware of? Read Ana's view here

HMRC Guide to Business Expenses for the Self Employed


Business Knowledge
Friday 5th February 2016

HMRC has just launched a new online guide for self employed businesses outlining what expenses and allowances can be claimed.

Cybercrime and small businesses - how vulnerable are you?


Business Knowledge
Monday 2nd November 2015

It is not a question of if, but when, you will be targeted by cybercriminals.

Explaining the flat rate VAT scheme


Business Knowledge
Wednesday 26th October 2011

Nick Dillow, who advertises on the ICG website has produced a guide to the advantages and pitfalls of Flat rate VAT registration…