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Alison Johnstone

mrx on demand

Data Analysis | Data Visualisation | Insight | Interviewing & Moderating | Survey | Quant & Qual |


Hello. My name is Alison Johnstone. I support research organisations in times of need. What I can do for you:

  • Take on project work at short notice, and bridge the gap in capability or knowledge of your in-house team
  • Offer long-term support or 'band aid' cover as and when required
  • End-to-end project management, or maybe only certain stages depending on your requirements
  • Design and programme online questionnaires - experience of Snap, ConfirmIt, Decipher, SurveyToGo, QuickSurveys, and SurveyMonkey
  • Design and moderate group discussions, face to face and online - experience of VisionsLive
  • Conduct and report structured desk research
  • Methodically process large qualitative data sets
  • Draw out insights and strategic recommendations from research data
  • Produce concise and engaging reports through storytelling
  • Produce clear and well-designed data visualisation - PowerPoint and Canva
  • Conduct face-to-face interviews and groups anywhere in Scotland and the North West of England

If you are a team member short, suffering data overload or clashing delivery deadlines, I can help: email alison@mrx-on-demand.com


Do you feel over-stretched writing killer proposals and winning new business and to look after key accounts, showcase your work, review that final report, come up with diamond insights before it's due tomorrow? -and to do all this in time to have dinner with your loved ones and read the children a bed time story? Are things at the risk of slipping - including your sanity and well-being?
Would you like have a bit more support, someone you can trust to get on with the backroom stuff so you can get on with running your business? - not all the time, just to get you through a squeaky-bum time.

If so, I can help you. And this is how:

• I am mrx on demand; a researcher who can handle any aspect of delivering a research project - questionnaire design, fieldwork, supplier management, report creation, data interrogation and analysis, data visualisation - whatever you need to ensure the job gets done on time and within budget.
• I have 20 years' experience in market research and audience insight, across public and commercial sectors, for a range of industries from finance to arts and culture.
• I am available now to support you and your teams when times are tricky. I offer short-term yet highly experienced skills in all aspects of research project delivery.

I understand the joys and challenges of research. I have bought and sold research. I have reported industry data to big businesses and found insight in agile, fast n' light interviews. I have stood in the street with a clipboard. I have stood in front of the Chief Exec to tell them which KPIs have been missed and why. I have data checked a 30-page report. I have created crosstabs on an array of metrics using complex software. I have sat in someone's house and listened to their about anxieties over energy prices. I have stood in front of a group of strangers to ask their thoughts about an advertising idea I didn't think was much cop. I have discussed online investment strategies with C-Suite Execs. I have observed teenagers get stuck because mum's new boyfriend won't discuss money with them and so don't know what to put in the 'Household Income per annum' box on the application form...

You can contact me directly via alison@mrx-on-demand.com and 07957 587 630, or you can take a look at www.mrx-on-demand.com

(And if I can't help you, I definitely know someone who can.)


I'm an experienced client-side and agency-side researcher, and Certified by the MRS.

Based in Glasgow, Scotland and successfully work remotely with clients across the globe (since 2014).

I have delivered professional workshops and webinars on online engagement techniques, and training on how to turn data into insight, and the importance of good design in visual data reporting. Before working for myself, I held research positions at the BBC, JCDecaux and for a full-service market research agency in London. My roles have included project management, customer insight, user experience, audience development, and media planning.