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Barry Pegg

Managing Director, What's Your View Ltd


What’s Your View Ltd is an independently owned UK based face to face fieldwork company with over 25 years' experience. We offer Fieldwork only or Field & Tab using the services of our large national fieldforce of fully trained interviewers.

Here is what makes us different:

  • We have a panel of more than 800 trained market research interviewers supported by 12 regional supervisors - this means we can offer a wide variety of quantitative and qualitative methodologies across the whole of the UK.
  •  We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which means we can monitor and deal with any issues as they happen. Our experience has shown us that this level of oversight can mean the difference between success and failure in face-to face-fieldwork.
  • We ensure an experienced Director manages your project, so where there is an opportunity to maximize the value of your research we will spot it, and act on it, without fail.
  • We offer a bespoke, integrated service, so the person who speaks to you is the same person who structures the price of your project, speaks with Field Supervisors, writes the briefing documents, and manages the project through to completion.


Our expertise covers the following methodologies:

Hall tests (pre recruit and street intercept), store exit interviews, door to door, product placements, street intercepts, tracker surveys, mystery shopping, online research and telephone interviewing

Focus group recruitment, depth recruitment, accompanied shops and usability tests.


Barry has worked in Market Research for over 25 years & within that time has held the position of Managing Director & Field Director at various companies before setting up his own Face to Face fieldwork company, What’s Your View Ltd in 2007.

He has experience of all aspects of face to face data collection, incorporating both Quantitative & Qualitative research in a broad range of industries and sectors, such as: Retail, Children/Youth, Travel / Tourism, Automotive, Sport / Leisure, Black and Minority Ethnic, Social, Advertising, Food/Drink, Home/Garden, Local/National Government, Public sector, New product development

Barry has been a Full Member of The Market Research Society since 1989.


Contact details

Elm Lea
Deacons Lane
Berks RG18 9RH