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Carol Raithatha

Director, Carol Raithatha Ltd.


Carol Raithatha Ltd. specialises in food and drink research, sensory evaluation, qualitative and desk research, and B2B approaches. In addition Carol Raithatha Ltd. offers coaching to research and related professionals. Carol is a strategic thinker with a pragmatic mindset.


Carol Raithatha is a product, consumer, and market insight consultant focusing on food and drink. She also has experience and competences to add value in many other sectors including professional services, manufacturing, fintech, utilities ... and more!

Carol Raithatha Ltd. specialises in sensory evaluation, product testing, desk and B2B research in the food & drink and related industries such as personal care and healthcare. Carol Raithatha is knowledgeable in both qualitative and quantitative techniques and analysis. She can act as a group moderator or executive interviewer. Research projects can be combined with input into overall marketing strategies or market planning objectives. Carol Raithatha Ltd offers market opportunity assessment or competitor benchmarking studies among other strategic approaches.

Specialities include:

  • Sensory Evaluation and Consumer Research
  • Food¬†& Drink and Personal Care
  • Desk research and report and article writing
  • B2B and 'Expert' Research in a varied range of sectors and with a diversity of respondents
  • Interviewing and Moderating
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Holistic combination of a scientific and psychological/philosophical approach


Carol Raithatha trained as a food scientist with specialisms in food analysis, sensory analysis, and product testing. Her early career was focused on food analysis and sensory testing. She later gained experience in market research and consumer testing. Carol Raithatha founded Carol Raithatha Ltd. in 2003 after completing an MBA and gaining experience working for a food and drink research agency. Carol is a certified member of the MRS, a member of the Chartered Management Institute and of the Institute of Consulting; as well as a Fellow of the Institute of Food Science and Technology. Carol has a good conversational and comprehension level of French and Italian and has also recently completed a Certificate in Food Journalism and an ILM course in Coaching and Mentoring. In her spare time Carol enjoys reading, walking, yoga, and writing poetry.