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Carole Arvanitis

Owner, Newlann Mystery Shopping


A mystery shopping provider with a large UK field force. I find out what’s really happening when your staff interact with customers to help clients achieve service excellence. I also provide customer service training to the retail sector.


I have long experience in designing and implementing mystery shopping, providing actionable reporting, helping clients improve their service and compliance levels and thereby achieving greater levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.  I have a large field force of shoppers across the UK and a bespoke allocation, data entry and reporting system.  I believe that people should be front and centre of any business and that, only by treating customers and employees the way you would want to be treated, can you build long term trust and a great reputation.

I also provide customer service training workshops to the retail sector, especially independents and small chains.



There’s nothing that gives me more pleasure than seeing a client’s business thrive after I’ve unearthed some customer insight that’s been holding them back.  And since the day I started Newlann in 2014, I have loved watching businesses, both large and small, thrive, by understanding their customers better.  I worked for 20 years as a divisional director at Gfk Mystery Shopping and I gained experience in other market research agencies as well as at the sharp end in retail.  I’m also a certified member of the Market Research Society (MRS).