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Caroline Southard

Director, The Creative Connection


Independent qualitative and user researcher, digging up what's on the inside and creating meaningful insight connections for agencies and end clients.


I specialise in qualitative and user research.   The rich, actionable insight and consultancy I provide has informed advertising, brand and campaign development, service design, new propositions, customer experience and new product design.   I undertake in-depth interviews, UX observations and set-tasks, pairs, triads, focus groups, workshops and I'ave recently added semiotics to my methodologies.     I have a qualitative style that enables me to understand people very deeply and quickly, making it an efficient use of time spent.  I join the dots of insight at a deep level rapidly, partly because I connect speedily with respondents and partly because I have a strong business background which is focused on objectives, outcomes and commercials for end clients.





I have over 20 years experience as a qualitative researcher, service designer and customer experience consultant.  Industries I have worked in include:   Banking, Publishing, Events, Charitable Sector, Science and Medica.l

High profile clients include:   Cambridge University, British Trust for Ornithology, MIND, JP Morgan, HSBC, Lloyds TSB, RBS, L&G, New Scientist, Elsevier, Variety, Farmers Weekly

I think I was born a researcher.   I am always turning over stones to see what's underneath and why.     I am interested in people's very different ways of looking at the world and experiencing their lives.

I've recently had a significant number of pharmaceutical and medical assignments.    Not only do I find the health and wellbeing of people intriguing, I am also studying traditional Chinese medicine.  Therefore, these two latest developments continue to fascinate me.