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Claire Salkeld

Hummingbird Insights

Global, qualitative experts who fuse technology with best practice. UX, brand, creative, innovation


  • International
  • Qualitative
  • Online/mobile
  • Face to face
  • Workshops
  • Quantitative


Insight projects we run for clients include: 

  • Innovation – Idea generation, Idea/concept screening, Concept development, Claims testing, Concept testing, Range development. 
  • Brand – Market landscaping, U&A, Segmentation, Brand development. 
  • Communications – Creative / Content testing and optimisation prior to production 
  • UX – usability testing, competitive benchmarking, user flows. 
  • Sustainability:- exploring sustainability needs and expectations from consumers across markets. 
  • Employee – connecting with staff at all levels to gain trust, openness and the ability to get to the heart of issues and move your business forward. 


We're all ex-Kantar Directors with over 60 years of international qualitative experience. 

We’re highly experienced in strategic, high profile, complex work with diverse and complementary skills and personalities to bring different angles to both the challenge and solution. 

We’re confident and adaptable to build relationships with low SEGs to HNW to CEOs.