Jill Carpenter


An independent organisation providing specialist B2B qual. and quant. research


Through our in-house resources (no outsourcing) we provide bespoke in-depth telephone/face to face interviews, large scale continuous (CACI) telephone monitoring and electronic surveying on both an ad hoc and ongoing basis providing insight into everything from service quality and brand image to future business direction, NPD and competitor benchmarking.

We work across all industry sectors, ranging from logistics and manufacturing to the service sectors, construction, healthcare, hotels, financial services, engineering, renewable energy and the charity sector.

What makes us different from other research companies?

  • Our background is in business, not pure research, so you get a business led approach to every project.
  • We provide concise actionable information and guidance (not just measures or statistics)
  • As a by-product, along the way we’ll probably tidy up your customer database.
  • Our clients like working with us!

We have on-going relationships with all our clients who range from major multi nationals to SME’s – a demonstration that our approach is appreciated by all sizes of organisation.


I am the founder and managing partner of Customer Care Research – an independent organisation specialising in expert customer focused Business to Business, Trade, and Consumer Qualitative & Quantitative Research and Communications in the UK and abroad.


I am a highly motivated, self starter who becomes totally absorbed in each project I work on – perhaps sometimes over delivering! I suppose I find it hard to believe that others don’t want to understand the implications of their customer’s comments to the depths that I would like know. When I worked as an Advertising Account Director I was amazed at the ‘Take the money and run’ attitude of most research agencies (present the results with no strategic guidance as to how they could fully utilize the findings – leaving behind them a pile of stats and reports which ultimately ended up in a drawer because the task of extracting anything useful was too daunting) consequently my main objective is for all my clients to feel that they have truly gained from the experience of conducting a customer review and that I am there to help them fully interpret the findings and stay with the project for as long as required.