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Alexander Ekimov

Owner, Kea Solutions Ltd.


I am an experienced consultant with a proven record for deep market insight, creating custom research solutions and providing ready to use business management decisions. My data processing expertise enables me to offer true end to end solutions.


FMCG industry analysis and in-depth interviews with kay stakeholders in SE Europe (Bulgaria, Romania, Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia)

Price sampling and mystery shopper projects in Europe and North America.

Realization of end to end research projects in Bulgaria through custom methodology, proven fieldwork providers leading to implementation ready business insights.

Back end services: Qlik dashboard creation, translation, data processing, coding, data entry, mail merge.


Contact details

Gotse Delchel Distr. bldg. 261 ent E(д) ap 152
EU VAT Number BG201806377
BG-22 1404

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