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Elina Halonen

Square Peg Insight

Behavioural Science, Behaviour Change & Cultural Psychology


Designing and supporting research projects (qual/quant): A big part of my previous role was developing innovative research approaches and I co-designed a suite of non-conscious measurement survey tools.

Workshops, training and content: I can help you invest in thought-leadership while you focus on delivering fast-paced project and train your team to increase their knowledge of behavioural science.

Literature reviews: The most comprehensive I have ever done for a client was over 30,000 words on branding, customer experience and consumer decision-making which eventually became an internal BehSci handbook – but I have also conducted small ones topics like habit formation in tech & financial decision making.

Cultural psychology consultancy: If you are running an international research project or designing an intervention that might benefit from mapping out the cultural factors impacting people’s decision making… you’re describing my dream project.


I am an experienced behavioural insights practitioner, working across partners in market research and marketing industries. I have 15+ years experience from the MR industry, the last 7 as the co-founder of Irrational Agency - one of the first agencies to specialise in behavioural science in the market research industry and one of GRIT Top 50 innovative companies index in 2018 and 2019.

At IA, I worked with global brands from a wide range of sectors such as IKEA, SC Johnson, Red Bull, Intercontinental Hotels Group and ING. As a part of that role, I designed qualitative and quantitative research methods that go beyond the rational and conscious, and was a regular speaker at global industry conferences (20+ conferences in 7 years).

My passion for behavioural science has taken me across the world to bring psychological insights and theories to life in accessible conference talks as well as client workshops. I am currently writing a book on how our context shapes who we are – from environmental and cultural factors to our socioeconomic status and even the language we learned speak first.