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Ella Fryer-Smith

Ella Fryer-Smith Ltd

Qualitative research consultant with expertise in film ethnography.


Qualitative and / or ethnographic expertise across all stages of the project life-cycle including:

-Proposal design and input

-Research Set-up and materials



-Reporting and Outputs


I also offer training on ethnographic methods having successfully developed and delivered training programmes in multiple countries.


I specialise in qualitative methods with a particular focus on film ethnography. I love to work with film data as it enables deep behavioural analysis exploring the impact of relationships, environment, culture and emotions on participants and how this relates to the research question in hand.

I am recognised as a specialist in the research industry through published work, presenting at conferences, seminars as well as being nominated for, and winning, MRS awards. I believe there is always a better way to approach research & am constantly looking for new ways of thinking in order to move things forward with regards to methods & the industry as a whole.


I have been a freelance consultant since 2015 and in this time I've worked with clients ranging from large financial institutions and central governments departments through to tiny social enterprise start-ups. In this time I have pulled on all my skills as a researcher and used multiple qualitative methods to address the objectives at hand. Whoever the client, I approach all projects with passion and love the variety that comes through my work.

Prior to going freelance I was an Associate director at Ipsos MORI. For the first 18 months of my market research career I worked across a spectrum of qualitative methodologies in the Social Research Institute at Ipsos MORI, including conducting interviews, focus groups & workshops both small & very large in scale. In November 2008, I became a founding member of the Ipsos Ethnography Centre of Excellence (ECE) specialising exclusively in filmed ethnography & visual methods for both public & private sector clients.