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Emil Brune

African Grey


African Grey provides high quality global research solutions. In particular, we're African research experts.



We are African experts, with decades of experience and have developed tools and techniques to understand the emotions of African consumers. We enjoy a win-win relationship with trusted local, independent research teams in Africa. We combine with them to deliver a winning combination of local nous and cultural sensitivity with our world class research expertise. Our work is of such quality that African-based companies commission us.

Desk Research

Accelerate your team's thinking with our quality desk research. Delivered quickly, properly summarised and referenced. Intelligent implications included and opportunities highlighted.


I’ve been immersed in the world of brands and consumers for 30+ years now. I have extensive global research experience and am equally confident with quant and qual methodologies.

My primary interest has always been to use research as a tool to enable better decision-making, selecting the best methodologies to achieve the project objectives. My guiding philosophy is to ‘Get thinking straight before moving to action’. Often, this involves protecting shareholder value by culling poor ideas. Clients compliment me on my ability to get teams to grasp the practical implications from research.

In my previous corporate life at Diageo, I led global thinking on consumer segmentation, portfolio planning, opportunity identification and consumer / shopper trends. I also led their African research teams, which enabled me to build connections and friendships across the continent. In 2015, Diageo asked me to go back to Africa to build capability across their marketing, insights and innovation teams in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – which was a great experience.

At home I’m a special needs Dad that enjoys cooking on the BBQ.