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We answer B2B and B2C business questions – and anything a bit tricky or off-beat.

We enjoy being curious and probing with purpose and seek to make a meaningful contribution to your business. We help business leaders make decisions on Market Entry, Go-to-Market initiatives and how to strengthen offer/service propositions to improve in-market performance.

We live up to the promise in our company name – delivering and engineering insight from revealing the magic & miserable moments in customer journeyspurchase decisions and response to your Brand & PR Narratives.

We seek to get to the heart of issues on an emotive as well as cognitive level and work closely with creative partners to translate insight into compelling communications to drive behaviour change through triggering the desired responses. Together, we find opportunity in unearthing ‘big ideas’ as well as eliciting valuable ‘small data’ such as barriers, criticism, dissatisfaction as well as the positives of motivations and meeting needs.

Whilst our work usually has a GB home market element, much is also international and multi-country. We have successfully delivered research solutions for nearly two decades across 1 to 40+ countries. We started as Quantitative research specialists but over the last 2 decades have become equally comfortable in Qualitative research (from Group Moderation, Executive Interviewing and short-term on-line communities).  Secondary Desk Research is also a regular part of our deliverables and we are proud to be supported on such projects by a world class information specialist in India. 

Project Management is one of our key strengths. We know how to run single & multi-country projects and keep everything on time to high quality standards – working with a strong network of steadfast independent specialist partners built up over time.

We work in six broad business verticals, supporting organisational change and continuous improvement. With some client relationships now going back over 25 years, having a progressive mindset and the desire to embrace change and agile technology solutions is an inherent given. In recent years, business questions in digital, internet and financial verticals have merged into Fintech solution as funded start-ups seek help to successfully launch into e:commerce and SaaS worlds using AI and machine learning.

We appreciate the ever-rising bar of expectation from the marketplace, your customers and your stakeholders and seek to confirm hypotheses or unlearn established beliefs without knocking down hard-won internal progress. You will never be treated as just a number or a problem, we work collaboratively to solve the task in hand with full commitment and transparency.

  • If you have business questions starting with WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, WHAT IF, HOW 
  • When a discovery phase on your competitive landscape, customer needs and regulatory context would be useful 
  • If you would like to come to a consensus on priorities on how to improve conversion & reduce lost sales 
  • If you would like to write a reliable business plan with accurate forecasts
  • … then we know we can help you.

We work with the Alchemer market research enterprise platform and enjoy collaborative work with leading digital marketing agencies


We have successfully delivered Quant & Qual research solutions with independent partners for nearly 2 decades in up to 40 countries at a time.
We know how to run multi-country projects together and how to keep everything on time to high quality.

We love B2B research and finding answers on how to strengthen propositions and in-market performance. We enjoy the discovery phases of market entry and innovation, often including & embracing desk research with our long-standing team in India. Understanding ‘small data’ such as pain points, barriers and dis-satisfaction really support insights and finding the “accepted’ universal truths and customer benefits  to grow one’s customer base an leverage behavioural change.

We hold six broad business verticals close to our heart: Energy & Fuels, Healthcare, Digital & Fintech, Heavy Machinery, Industrial & Manufacturing and Service Providers.

​We like to deliver ICRs (Insights, Consequences and Recommendations) on our projects.

Clients and partners receive Quality, Value and Speed.

We are Adverse Events Certified, annually, with the BHBIA & EphMRA AE Reporting and Legal & Ethical Guidelines programmes


My backstory is that I spent a decade living and working in Germany to found & grow an international group. I appreciate models of thinking and having “order in everything and everything in order”. I appreciate that intuition, instinct and brand personality can outweigh functional & practical benefits.

I founded insight engineers 18 years ago with Qualitative partners – valuing the intuition between the implicit and the explicit, the unsaid and the stated. This fusion of expert Qual and expert Quant has been pivotal to me in the delivery of grounded insights in B2B & B2C target groups.

My heart continues to enjoy the arenas of proposition & offer development, messaging, targeting and overcoming the pain points in purchasing …

My head is always looking to provide an objective and grounded voice into decision-making process …

Inquisitive and problem-solving by nature, I value best practice orientation and appreciate positive can-do people.  Underpinning any project with insight engineers is a desire to build brand attractiveness, trial, repeat sales, and advocacy.

I have been a full MRS & Company Partner Member for 35 years and enjoy being a member of the AQR, BHBIA, BIG, Esomar, and the ICG.

My wife and I have been blessed with 4 children and they are away at university/working abroad using the language skills our genes have passed on.

I am an active Colts cricket coach in my spare time.


  • Business to business
  • FMCG
  • Industrial, manufacturing & logistics
  • Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

Skills & Services

  • International
  • Qualitative
  • Quantitative
  • Secondary Research (data mining, desk research, web analysis)
  • Workshop facilitation