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Liz Montgomery

Sharp Research Ltd


Sharp Research Ltd was set up in January 2010.  The founder, Liz Montgomery, has over 30 years of international market research experience, specialising in tech, B2B and financial services research, UK and international.


Sharp Research offers a wide range of qualitative and quantitative services, with a particular focus on supporting clients with interests in technology and professional services and increasingly financial services, including both B2B and B2C market exploration.  Part of our philosophy is that the client needs the most appropriate mix of tools, traditional and modern, primary and secondary, to arrive at the full understanding of a market or issue.

We have particular expertise in designing and running multi phase surveys for international B2B  and B2C studies which require a lot of detail in terms of logistics, accurate translations, sampling and design in order to work in different markets.  We've also been in the vanguard of using online communities and video interviews, as well as constantly experimenting with the new tools that help us all do our jobs better.

We also offer services such as desk research and audits of research materials held by clients.


I've been in research for well over 30 years, working in a variety of leading agencies, in senior roles.  Before setting up my own company  this included Research International and GfK NOP. Running my own agency takes me back into direct involvement in the process of research - design, execution, interviewing, analysis and delivery, which I love.

I have become a keen gardener since just before the start of COVID.  Our garden had become very neglected and we had started afresh installing raised beds and a new shed and greenhouse, growing many varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers from seed as well as swapping plants with others.  I also enjoy cooking our home grown produce - especially the regular surfeits of courgettes and squash which are fortunately very adaptable and are much enjoyed by our household, although some dishes don't quite make the mark.

I love live music, and have been involved in running a local folk club, as well as going to a very eclectic mix of live music events with family and friends - think Metallica, Sparks and Neil Young to name a few as well as the wonderful Wilko Johnson.