Miriam Clark



Strategic qualitative research, usable brand insights


The fusion of 15 years of integrated agency experience, to Client Services Director level, first class training in psychology and running BatchelorClark research since 2006, makes us ideally suited to working with agencies, clients and other research agencies.

We understand the processes, briefing requirements, timings and pressures that clients are under when commissioning qualitative research.

We fit in as an extension to your team, we speak your language and can help with the strategic thinking and planning as well as delivering usable insights that you can deliver, with confidence, to your teams.

Working closely with you, we develop the research proposal to make sure that we hit your budgets and timing.

We then manage all aspects of recruitment, fieldwork and moderation and present directly to you at the end of the project. You have one senior point of contact throughout who will be responsible for all aspects of the project.

Some of the products we offer

  • Pitch pre-test package. Low cost focus or mini groups with the target audience in areas around London to pre-test creative work before pitches to make sure that the solutions are workable. Verbal reports within 24 hours, previous agency experience means that insights can be directly input into creative or planning briefs in a format you choose.
  • Recruitment only. We can recruit groups for your planners to moderate if they prefer. With an exclusive database of hand-picked recruiters throughout the UK we can find you pregnant teens in Glasgow or Blood donors with Type O rh negative blood in Southgate.
  • Survey Boosters. Get the most from your client’s telephone or online surveys. Expert advice and skilled qualitative pre-testing will transform the value of any engagement exercise.
  • Expertise and consultancy into questionnaire design including flow and question development, sense checking as well as advice on targeting and data management and results analysis.
  • Iterative branding programmes. Working daily with agencies we can feed insights from groups the night before directly into designers ready to take to the next stage of groups. An iterative process which achieves quick and effective design, product and brand development for clients.
  • Because of our moderating skills and previous agency experience we also offer brand workshops for agencies or clients to help develop brands.

Client B2C

  • Face to face or telephone interviews, duos, trios, mini groups, focus groups, panels. With an exclusive database of handpicked recruiters throughout the UK we can find you the respondents you need to answer the brand questions you and your clients have. As members of the AQR, BPS and MRS, we abide by all the relevant codes of conduct about recruitment, ethics, data handling and respondent management.
  • Thoughtful pre-tasks. Pre-tasking respondents with tasks that make the groups livelier and provide a much greater ethnographic depth to insights as well as fantastic insight for creative teams eg fashion style diaries for potential and current customers for Windsmoor, Planet, Précis and Jacques Vert.
  • Guided shopping combined with focus groups with customers in out of store hours exploring branding, creative work and existing and new point of sale in situ.
  • Customer workshops and face to face. Sensitive subjects can be handled with great tact and understanding, we’ve managed workshops with breast cancer survivors and their supporters, talked to pregnant teens about support and talked in home to terminal patients under Marie Curie Cancer Care and service users for RNIB.

Client B2B

  • Groups, telephone interviews or online surveys (with Survey Booster) with the help of our Survey Booster we’ve tackled telephone interviews with some of the hardest to reach CEOs in the UK – those working in the third sector. We’ve delivered thematic, qualitative and quantitative analysis from those calls to directly advise the Learning and Skills Council and Acevo.
  • We’ve recruited groups of hard-working GPS, we’ve called busy travel agents to talk Okavanga with them and we’ve managed face to face interviews with some of the UK’s top automotive journalists for Renault in France.
  • We’ve helped Action For Children with their web strategy for social workers with a mixed methodology involving both online surveys and telephone interviews

For research agencies:

  • Senior Associate and safe pair of hands to moderate for mini groups, friendship pairs, trios, focus groups, panels, workshops
  • Senior Associate and safe pair of hands for telephone interviews or online surveys (with or without Survey Booster)
  • Director level, Senior Associate capable of presenting to all levels of seniority and working with all levels of experience

“Miriam has a strong record of winning trust and confidence at all levels. She is extremely well organised, good at detail and good at the big picture. She has a real grasp of marketing, how to communicate with segmented audiences and how to make the best use of client database activity. She is fun to work with, bright and effective as a team leader and a team member.”  Lucinda Craig, ELUCIDATION RESEARCH 


By using bespoke, in-depth understanding with qualitative research into customers and brand perceptions, BatchelorClark provides marketing friendly, actionable insights for action-oriented marketers.

We specialise in working with action-oriented clients who want insights that are usable and that work with their marketing strategies and help drive the business forward.

Core experience and specialities lie in:

  • 3rd Sector/Charity clients
  • Fashion/retail clients
  • B2B clients and projects
  • Financial Services
  • Working with integrated agencies

Core methodologies:

  • Understanding data and segmentation
  • In depth interviews into sensitive subjects (eg Breast Cancer) and with very senior respondents (eg 3rd sector CEOs for Acevo)
  • Focus groups and pre-tasks


Having spent 15 years agency side, leaving a company client director role in a successful Integrated Agency, Miriam decided to take a degree in Psychology and Business to enable a career shift into Market Research.

During the degree, she also worked client-side with NatWest as a senior marketing consultant for six months across two years in their cross brand team in marketing. Tackling a wide variety of campaigns including those for; Student Recruitment, Small Businesses literature redesign; local marketing review and strategic recommendations and updating all literature with new FSA and legal regulations.

On achieving a first class honours degree, as well as the award for outstanding academic achievement 2006 from the British Psychological Society, she set up BatchelorClark in 2006 as a boutique market research consultancy specialising in qualitative and creative research.

This experience means that she is a highly skilled researcher with an excellent theoretical grounding as well as a senior marketing practitioner with over 20 years’ experience of business management.


  • Business to business
  • Retail

Skills & Services

  • Qualitative
  • Quantitative