Paul Heath

Further Afield Ltd

Market Research Recruitment


We provide all types of recruitment for all types of market research projects. We have all the traditional techniques available to us and we are at the forefront of using Behavioural Targetting for recruitment.

We increasingly use PPC advertising on Google and sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter to reach fresh respondents based on their observable interests and behaviours. Not only does this methodology provide us with a source of fresh and verifiable respondents, it is particularly effective at helping us to reach niche and hard to reach audiences.

We love to innovate but we haven’t abandoned everything from the past so we still fully screen and have a chat with every respondent to check for articulacy and suitability for research before putting them in front of a client (or in front of a client’s client!)

We’re very excited about how Behavioural Targetting will change research recruitment and we don’t tire of talking about it. If it sounds like an interesting way for you to reach fresh or niche respondents, then please give us a call and we’ll happily discuss the process with you.



  • Advertising & Media
  • Business to business
  • Children & Youth
  • Consumer durables
  • Entertainment, leisure & travel
  • Financial
  • FMCG
  • Retail

Skills & Services

  • Recruitment and Fieldwork