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Richard Smith

Cappuccino Research


Cappuccino Research holds the UK license for the ZMET technique.. The approach uses an image based approach to explore at a deep level how people think and feel about a given topic.


We offer full service qualitative research, covering every step from understanding the brief to presenting findings and working with clients on implementation.


I started out as a part time B2B interviewer, talking to people about everything from roofing tiles to software to potato fertiliser, little realising that this experience would provide the perfect training for a career in qualitative research and in better understanding people.

I rose through the ranks to become a Board Director and Head of Qualitative Methods for BVA BDRC, and on this journey I began working with the ZMET approach and realised that it provided much richer and deeper data to work with than other data collection methods.

On leaving BVA BDRC in 2021, the UK license for ZMET became available and I jumped at the opportunity of using the approach for my own clients. I now do this in between spells of running projects for the US parent company (Olson Zaltman Associates) and acting as their UK representative.

I have a strong specialism in financial services, but also have experience in sectors as diverse as telecoms, healthcare, FMCG and travel. In 2015 I wrote an MRS Award winning submission in the category of International Research. In the same year I featured in a BBC documentary about KFC, 'The Billion Dollar Chicken Shop'.