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Claret-uk Ltd

Recruitment Agency and Project Management


Ros Hepple and Claret as a Recruitment Agency can offer a range of services for the Qual Industry -

Since 2002, we have been able to recruit all types of respondents from our  Computerised database (50,000 people) ourselves. The software allows initial questions to be asked which is then followed by full telephone screening. We recruit into all Studios, both Outer, Suburban and Central London and Manchester. For online projects we can cover the whole of the UK.

Claret offers full and professional Project Management service for all  projects which can include designing of Questionnaire, Viewing Facility Hire and Incentives Management.

We support Online Projects/Blogs for our Online Clients with a fully trained administrator.

Claret offers full Medical Project Management for its direct Medical Research clients and we now recruit all Medical professionals (Consultants, GPs, Nurses, etc) and Patients throughout the UK. We can also provide fully qualified Medical Moderators and Depth Interviewers.

Claret can produce very fast and effective Online Surveys using the Data from our databases and the expertise of Online Questionnaire design from an experienced partner.

We Project Manage the subcontractors/traditional recruiters that we use throughout the rest of the country when required. We carry out a full precheck on these respondents


I am a firm believer that if Recruitment is not perfect then there is no point in doing the Research.

Claret has a reputation of being able to recruit every type of respondent – Consumer, Medical, Patients, Healthcare, B2B, IT, Auto, Social, Technology, etc

Claret has 10+ years of experience in Recruiting for Online projects throughout the UK - Bulletin Boards, Blogs, Online UX, -

We are able to recruit particpants who are 100% correct and are able to participate via a range of Online Platforms.

Our drop out rate is minimal .



Over 35 years of experience in the Industry as a Field Executive, clientside Marketing, Medical Interviewer, Qual Recruitment and Online and Database management

I have worked with many ICG members in the last 10 years

One of the first companies to realise that using Computerised Databases was the only way forward to ensure Quality of respondents and therefore quality Research. The database records all attendances, group profiles, clients and responses to emails for all respondents.

We are members of AQR, ICG,BHBIA