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Sarah Jenkins

Director, Magenta


Full service boutique strategic insight agency. A small team of experienced researchers who provide strategic insight and actionable recommendations. UK Based, global reach.


An experienced, senior team of passionate storytellers who conduct strategic, actionable research that isn’t afraid to ask difficult questions and uncover genuine consumer behaviour.

One size doesn’t fit all: We approach every project with fresh eyes. We draw on a wealth of experience and expertise to design bespoke solutions to meet client needs and strongly believe there is no standard way to do things.

We’re agile: You need to move fast. We understand that some stakeholders can’t wait several weeks for results. We offer agile, iterative solutions that give stakeholders the insight they need to move forward quickly.

We find fresh and relevant insight:  Not only do we listen to participants, but we also explore their world around them. We put their behaviours and opinions into context to fully understand why they say or do what they do.

We ensure insight resonates beyond the life of the project: You need support sharing that insight and ensuring it resonates across the business. We like to work with clients to help develop and facilitate action plans to ensure insight is embraced and embedded within the company. Get in touch to find out how we do this.