Toby Collins

I C research

Providing consumer insight to aid commercial decision making


I C develops bespoke research solutions using the full range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, offering both full service or support on individual elements of a study.  The main methodologies we use include:

  • Qual: focus groups, depth interviews, co-creative sessions, accompanied surfs/shops, online communities, ethnographic or observational research including broadcast quality filming
  • Quant: Interviews conducted online, face to face, by telephone, or on mobile devices, and can conduct advanced analysis (including segmentation, key driver, product or pricing optimisation, customer satisfaction, trade-off, brand equity & market mapping)

Our business model is designed to keep overheads low by using partner suppliers for elements such as qualitative recruitment, quantitative fieldwork and data processing, this means we are free to choose the best supplier for each project, based on quality and price.


I C has experience across a wide range of industries, working on many different business issues.

Our specialist industries are those where we have spent time working within client-side organisations.  These industries include:

  • Restaurants & leisure
  • Automotive
  • Insurance & finance
  • Mobile telecommunications
  • Consumer durables
  • Travel & leisure

The different types of projects that we mainly work on include:

  • Product and service development, from ideation to (re)positioning
  • Identifying paths to purchase or customer ownership journeys to build CRM and marketing strategies
  • Advertising creative development and copy optimisation across a range of media
  • Brand essence development and positioning
  • Improving marcomms activities above and below the line
  • Bringing the customer to life and profiling
  • Or any project that requires an in-depth exploration of customer perceptions


Toby has 25 years experience gained in a range of roles for research agencies, client companies and advertising agencies, hence he understands the business issues, organisational needs and what is required to deliver successful insight projects that are actioned.

  • Agencies: FDS, Research International, Cognition/DVL Smith, Spring
  • Client-side: Renault UK, Nissan GB, Nissan Europe, AXA, AOL, Whirlpool Italia (secondment)
  • Ad agency: TBWA

Away from work, Toby loves travelling, playing sports and watching live music. A fully qualified scuba-diving instructor he has used this to explore parts of South-East Asia, Africa and Central America. More locally he enjoys playing a social game of 5-a-side football, golf and cricket.  An annual festival and frequent gig-goer.



  • Automotive
  • Consumer durables
  • Entertainment, leisure & travel
  • Financial
  • IT (inc Ecommerce)
  • Retail

Skills & Services

  • Ethnography
  • International
  • Qualitative
  • Quantitative
  • Workshop facilitation