RECORDING: Ensure your research is trustworthy and your processes efficient, an introduction to Ayda

02 Jul 2024 | Lunch&Learns

This 30-min Lunch&Learn session with Ayda will help you better understand Ayda’s  suite of products with a deeper dive into Ayda Trust and Ayda Pay

This is a must-attend for anyone who wants to make their research operations smoother and easier.


Founded by ex-ICG member Shifra Cook in 2021, Ayda provides a suite of tools for a modern approach to Research Operations (ResOps), spanning recruitment and participant management through to incentivisation and fraud prevention.

More info about Ayda here

Our Speakers:

Letycia Bialle – Customer Success Manager (12) Letycia Bialle | LinkedIn

Shifra Cook – CEO and Founder of Ayda (12) Shifra Cook | LinkedIn

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