RECORDING: From Barriers to Buy-In: A Guide to Overcoming Client Resistance to Online Community Research

11 Mar 2024 | Lunch&Learns

Ever receive pushback from a client after suggesting an online community approach? If so, you’re not alone! Even after decades of online qual research and with communities being an established methodology today, we can still see client hesitancy in making the jump to a digital solution.

Join us at this Lunch & Learn where we’ll discuss 4 common client concerns around online communities, and how to turn those barriers into buys-ins!

We’ll share a few pro tips around:

  • How to educate (and inspire) clients around online community use cases
  • How to address potential concerns around the richness and reliability of the data
  • How smart technology can in fact enhance multi-market research and help uncover cultural nuance
  • How online makes it easier than ever for client to immerse themselves in the research, live, as it happens

At the end of the sessions, you’ll be equipped to help your clients understand the possibilities of online research and get excited about going online!

About incling

incling was founded in 2013 and since then we’ve run over 500,000 online qualitative conversations in over 30 languages with participants all over the world. Our proprietary online community platform has a range of tools which have been designed to help research and marketing teams gather in-depth and in the moment qualitative feedback (on any device). Our clients can lean on us for a wide range of methodologies – from exploratory, digital diaries to exploring customer journeys and UX experiences.

Presenter: Anna Coombe

Anna started her journey in market research right here at incling, initially as a community manager before transitioning to the commercial side of the company. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with a wide range of clients, brands, and agencies, managing projects ranging from quick short-term studies to long-term communities. Her extensive online qualitative experience spans FMCG, financial, retail and travel and hospitality sectors, providing her with a broad and adaptable skill set.

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