RECORDING: Knowledge Share: An Introduction Into Insight Synthesis

18 Sep 2023 | Knowledge Share

This Knowledge Share has been generously sponsored by Opinion Hub

Insight budgets are under pressure. Rather than commission new projects, our clients are being asked to do more with what they already know. In this introduction to insight synthesis, we’ll show you how to maximise the value in your client’s existing research.

We’ll cover:

– Why you should synthesise your insight

– Four simple steps to follow

– Tools and techniques to help

– And pitfalls to avoid

Dan Young

Dan set up Shed Research to help organisations make more of their existing research. In the past year, he’s been doing this for HSBC UK, Cancer Research UK, General Mills, Guide Dogs, and BSH Group (the people behind Bosch and Siemens). In 2020, Dan was fortunate enough to win the ICG/MRS Independent Consultant Award. He’s a frequent speaker on the topic of insight synthesis and regularly trains insight teams how to make more of their existing insight.

Shed Research Consulting

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