RECORDING: Knowledge Share: Meet the Second Adolescents

14 Nov 2023 | Knowledge Share

This Knowledge Share is sponsored by Opinion Hub, Research Rooms, Sensory Lab, Data Collection and Fieldwork, based in London with Nationwide coverage

What is this Knowledge Share all about?

  • Is the marketing and brand world missing the opportunity of a lifetime?
  • Why do they find it so hard to communicate with an older generation or put another way what is the fixation on Millennials and Gen Z?
  • 70 is the new 50 and 55 is the new 18!
  • When your market is filled with uncertainty shouldn’t brands look for some relatively calmer, safer waters?
  • Let us introduce you to the over 55’s – overlooked; overworked; but definitely not over the hill.

About Alan Bowman, The Buzzz

The Buzzz have worked in this generational space for 10 years – with brands like M&S Food; McCarthy & Stone; Warner Leisure Hotels; Carnival and Octopus Wealth. During our COVID sabbatical we observed; researched; listened and spoke to a generation who represent 75% of the Wealth held in the UK and whose numbers are growing by 25% over the next 5 years. They are less brand loyal than people believe and out to have fun.

I am Alan Bowman – 39 years in research; brand planning and marketing consultancy – I am 63 and sit at the beating heart of my generation.


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