RECORDING: Knowledge Share: Mystery Shopping: What? Why? How?

05 Sep 2023 | Knowledge Share

This Knowledge Share session has been generously sponsored by E-Tabs, bringing cutting edge automated charting for your projects in PowerPoint & Google Slides


Join us at this Knowledge Share, presented by Carole ArvanitisNewlann Mystery Shopping

What will be covered?

  • What is mystery shopping?
  • What it gives you.
  • When and why people buy it.
  • How you do it

About Carole

After many years with GfK Mystery Shopping, I set up on my own in 2014 and launched Newlann.  With only three of us, we are much smaller than most mystery shopping companies.  What we try to offer is an in-depth service really thinking about what needs to be evaluated and how the results can be used to make improvements. We tend to work on fairly small projects, often quite complex and challenging ones.  We have our own bespoke IT platform and a panel of about 8,000 shoppers across the country.