RECORDING: Knowledge Share: Thriving in the health and wellness industry: Key trends and success stories

20 Apr 2023 | Knowledge Share

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Welcoming ICG member Abbey Teunis, Embark Insight Ltd for this Knowledge Share: Thriving in the health and wellness industry: Key trends and success stories

In the session, Abbey will cover:

  • Impact of events in 2022 on the industry trends
  • Discussion on how the health and wellness industry may be more resilient in a recession than others
  • Key trends to focus on in 2023, including social responsibility, holistic approaches, personalised products and services, and increased accessibility through e-commerce
  • Real-world case studies from successful brands to illustrate the trends
  • Emphasis on responsible marketing practices in light of the cost of living crisis
  • Strategies and insights for health and wellness businesses to implement in their operations.

Abbey Teunis 

Abbey Teunis is the Founder, Director and Lead Researcher at consumer insight agency, Embark Insight. Driven by the core belief that no human truth should ever be ignored, Abbey is on a mission to provide companies with real insights that reflect the real experiences of the customer, providing tangible and actionable opportunities for brand growth.

“Obsessed” with human behaviour and deeply curious, Abbey is a passionate advocate that the truth is human. As such, Abbey coined hybrid research-strategy model ‘The Truth is Human Method’, which is a culmination of more than 15 years of Director level industry experience and learnings. Born from the knowledge that companies, customers and individuals thrive when the customer is truly heard, this method ensures there’s no room for bias, misinterpretation, errors in memory or cliched responses in order to deliver a strategy that delivers lasting value.