RECORDING: Lunch&Learn with CoLoop

05 Jul 2023 | Lunch&Learns


ICG Lunch & Learn

Join Alex Coonar and Jack Bowen, founders of CoLoop, to;

  • get a bit of background and introduction for CoLoop
  • Have a demo of it
  • Hear more about future developments & roadmap
  • Have an opportunity to ask them questions


CoLoop is the AI copilot for qualitative research and can help independent researchers compete with bigger less agile teams.

AI in research is now table stakes and an overwhelming 90% of firms are now investing in AI tooling.

CoLoop are building with the specific thesis that the sum of researchers with AI tooling will significantly out-compete either individual part.

CoLoop is currently in pilot phase or on live projects with ~30 consultancies including several global players across more than 8 countries.

Jack Bowen and Alex Coonar

Jack, CEO of CoLoop, and Alex, CMO of CoLoop, started building AI tools for research after graduating university in 2020.They tarted with genei, a note taking and summarisation tool aimed at students and researchers.

They raised a venture backed seed round from Silicon Valley investors in 2021, and then scaled to thousands of users and more than $1M+ in sales.

They developed CoLoop to solve the problems they experienced with customer and discovery interviews.