RECORDING: Lunch&Learn with Norstat (Norstat Express and Testing Time)

26 Apr 2023 | Lunch&Learns

We welcome Norstat for this Lunch&Learn, a half-hour lunchtime slot where members can informally hear about how organisations can help them in their work.

Norstat  is the leading data collector for market research in Europe.

User and market research projects are typically conducted during several weeks. Often important decisions have to be made in days and cannot wait for weeks or months to be complete. Norstat Express and TestingTime give you the possibility to research your customers in hours. Learn how easy it is to use both solutions for qual and quant research studies.

Nortstat/ Nortstat Express / Testing time

Norstat is the leading data collector for market research in Europe. Our mission is to deliver trustworthy data of the highest quality to enable well-informed analysis and decision-making. Norstat Express and TestingTime are two digital products offered by Norstat.

Special offer for ICG members:

Norstat Express. 1 Free trial up to N = 500

Testingtime: 3 test users for free: See

Paul Listuen and Reto Lammler

Paul Listuen has worked in the MR industry since 1993 and have been in various positions both in Norstat, Ipsos and also a founder of a data collection company. He was in 2022 awarded Market Researcher of the year by the Norwegian market research association.

In 2015 Reto Lämmler co-founded TestingTime, the European leader in test user recruiting for UX researchers, which was sold in October 2021 to Norstat, the leading data collector for market research services in Northern Europe.

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